China Program


A Clinical Externship in China


ASAOM has a program of clinical training in China every year.

Participants. The program is intended for third-year students at ASAOM who have completed, or are close to completing, the requirements for graduation and licensing. Graduates are also welcome to apply.

Program. The program is a clinical externship in TCM. Externs will observe and practice with patients in both outpatient and inpatient services of a provincial hospital, which is part of China’s TCM hospital system.

Externs will work 5 clinic days a week, observing and practicing under the direct supervision of the Director of the Acupuncture/Tuina Department. The program will encompass 12-weeks of hands on training.

Externs will rotate through hospital departments, including the herbal pharmacy (MAcOM only). The availability of English-speaking doctors as translators has so far been satisfactory.

The program is intended to be a cultural immersion experience in clinical learning, a capstone to basic training, in a traditional Chinese setting.