Tuition is set by the Board of Directors of the school; these rates are shown in the following table. Please note that the rates shown are for the entire program (i.e., M.Ac.O.M. and M.Ac.).  The rates are estimated, dependent solely upon what courses may or may not transfer in to meet program requirements.  For further information, please contact our Admissions Director, Susan Wagner, at 520-795-0787, Extension 101.

Total Program Tuition ($ USD)
Beginning Academic Year 2016
M.Ac.O.M. Program –  $53,482
M.Ac. Program – $44,642
A.B.T Program – $17,119



Tuition is paid on a quarterly basis according to the number of hours the student takes during the quarter. Monthly payments can be arranged.

Tuition must be paid in full by the end of the first week of the quarter. A $25 late fee is charged thereafter. Non-payment beyond the first week may be cause for dismissal.

Students receiving Title IV funds (federal financial aid) pay on a separate schedule determined by completion of hourly benchmarks.

Financial Aid

See Appendix 1 of the School Catalog for options. Students at ASAOM are eligible to apply for Title IV funds and several alternative loan sources. The Financial Aid Coordinator is knowledgeable about options.

Also see Financial Aid Options.