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Welcome to ASAOM's library resource page! Find helpful links on the right side of this page. Many of these web sites offer free content, making them useful for acupuncture and TCM research. For further inquiries and suggestions, please speak with the library staff during regular office hours.

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NCCAOM Boards News: Starting in 2020, the boards will now be based on new content guidelines. Many aspects of the guidelines may be the same as as previous years, but there are some adjustments to the content that will be included on the exams. See the official documents on the NCCAOM website.


What's the difference between rational drug design and drug discovery? Explore these distinctions with these two articles from Wikipedia: Drug Design and Drug Discovery.


The renowned herbalist Ron Teeguarden writes, "There are some who believe that Jing cannot be restored. This is a terrible fallacy. A serious student of the Asian health arts can find hundreds of references to the art of growing Jing in the classical literature." See full article about how to replenish and restore one's Jing.


“The transformation of yin and yang in the four seasons is the basis of the growth and the destruction of life. The sages were able to cultivate the yang energy in spring and summer and conserve the yin energy in autumn and winter. By following the universal order, growth can occur naturally. If this natural order is disregarded, the root of one’s life will be damaged and one’s true energy will wane.” – Huang Di Nei Jing, Chapter 2 (Maoshing Ni Translation)


NASA lands their 8th spacecraft on Mars, in a special expedition to test the planet's levels of earthquakes and internal heat flow. See article at science news.


New research shows that a vine from the Congolese rainforest has the potential to treat pancreatic cancer. This form of cancer is often difficult to treat, but a compound from this vine showed dramatic results at destroying the cancer cells, and in practice may even be able to halt metastasis. See a report on this vine, Ancistrocladus Likoko, here.


A recent meta-analysis examines the effects of moxibustion and TCM herbs on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS.) The results show that when compared with a group taking Western Medications, the participants in TCM treatments had a much higher pregnancy rate (infertility is a common aspect of PCOS.) See Kwon, Lee and Park.


A new study reveals “moderate or great benefit” for the treatment of hot flashes in breast cancer patients using acupuncture. The study also showed that real acupuncture strategies were more effective than sham acupuncture when applied to this condition. See research from Wang, Zhang, et al.


Can acupuncture be used to treat pain in a pediatric emergency department? A new study addresses this question, mentioning concern over the opioid epidemic and limited treatment options for children. The study was conducted on a number of different pain-related conditions, and confirmed a 90% pain improvement rating. See Tsai, Reynoso, Shin et al.


If Chinese herbs didn’t taste so bad would more people use them? A new review from China compares certain chemotherapy drugs and Chinese herbal formulas, in terms of their unpalatable taste. Some chemotherapy drugs have received flavor additives to increase patient compliance in taking the medicine. Could the same be done for TCM? See Zheng, Wu, Hong et al.


Scientists demonstrate what we might call "technology-assisted telepathy" through a Tetris game. Using a machine that transmitted signals between three brains, players were able to communicate the correct moves in Tetris. How might this impact our future? How would we answer the ethical questions related to the ability to transmit data across minds? See article at .


Can fungi help us clean up plastic waste? Four strands of fungi found in Lake Zurich, Illinois, showed the ability to degrade polyurethane plastics. Read the full article here at .


New research adds greater understanding to a child's emotional development. It adds more evidence that adult-like brain connections for emotional regulation develop during the first year of an infant's life. See full article from .


Acupuncture involving e-stim was recently used to treat Achilles Tendon injuries in military personnel. Two patients with Achilles Tendon injuries received treatment that promoted rapid relief of symptoms. See the protocol used, and read the full article at:


  • Populi. Portal to ASAOM student website.
  • Quizlet. A create-your-own flashcards study tool.
  • Flashcard Machine. Another flashcard creation tool.
  • Clean Needle. Test administered by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) .
  • ACAOM. The organization that oversees accreditation of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine schools.
  • TCM Tests. A popular paid service that helps students study for boards. Some free questions and occasional discounts offered.
  • NCCAOM Exam Preparation. The official website for the National Board Exam; this page includes study guides for each of the boards along with a bibliography of recommended reading.
  • Easybib. Create your works cited page for papers. It's easy!
  • Wikipedia. Vast online encyclopedia. User-edited and free to use.
  • Wolframalpha. A powerful online calculator. Give it a math problem or ask it a question.

Note: Many large research databases require you to purchase articles or memberships. However, if you have ever attended a large university, you may have alumni access privilege using your college login credentials. Before you pay money to use a database, consider searching for your college under "sign-in via institution" and try your old username and password - this works for many people.

  • DOAJ. The Directory of Open Access Journals. A large collection of freely available peer-reviewed journals.
  • CORE. A search engine for millions of open-access research papers.
  • PubMed. A public database with over 28 million citations for biomedical literature.
  • Springer Open. A large number of open-access journals covering many topics.
  • Google Scholar. Like the regular Google search engine, but for peer-reviewed articles.
  • Free Medical Journals. A collection "promoting free access to medical journals."
  • Science Open. Search over 42 million articles using this tool (many open-access.)
  • Science Direct. Large collection of peer-reviewed science and engineering articles.

  • Acupuncture Dot Com. Resources for students and the general public. Includes an acupoint finder.
  • Acupuncture Today. This popular acupuncture newspaper is available online.
  • Sacred Lotus. Lots of information about acupuncture as well as Chinese medicine and herbs.
  • Cat's TCM Notes. A student (now a licensed practitioner) of TCM took detailed notes and put them online for public use.
  • Journal of Pharmacopuncture. A database of scientific studies concerning both traditional and modern medicine.
  • Yin Yang House. A variety of basic information about TCM, Acupuncture and Herbs. Also includes a blog.
  • Classical Chinese Medicine. A collection of CCM articles.

  • Herb Med. An interactive electronic database.
  • American Dragon. An encyclopedia of Chinese herbs as well as other TCM topics.
  • Herbalgram. Herbal news and articles (some free and some members-only.)
  • Sacred Lotus. Lots of information about acupuncture as well as Chinese medicine and herbs.
  • Cat's TCM Notes. A student (now a licensed practitioner) of TCM took detailed notes and put them online for public use.
  • Yin Yang House. A variety of basic information about TCM, Acupuncture and Herbs. Also includes a blog

  • Web MD. Lots of basic information on medicine, plus blog articles.
  • The Merck Manual. Practitioner resource for medical topics, symptoms, drugs, procedures, news and more
  • Scientific American. A popular science magazine with many articles online.
  • Psychology Today. Articles related to mind and psychology from a Biomedicine perspective.
  • Lab Tests Online. An educational database for lab tests used in medicine.
  • Biomed Central. "A pioneer of open access publishing." Lots of academic journals on medicine.
  • FDA Website. Federal government's Food and Drug Administration.
  • NIH Clinical Trials. Government database on ongoing and completed clinical trials.
  • Drugs dot Com. Lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and more.
  • News Medical dot Net. Many easy to read articles on the latest from the biomedical world.

  • AMAAZ. An Arizona association for acupuncturists that protects and promotes the profession.
  • Massage Magazine. Articles from the popular magazine about massage.
  • Project Gutenberg. Contains digital versions of many books with expired copyright.
  • Chinese Text Project. Contains the Chinese Language version of many ancient texts, including medical texts, and includes a character-by-character translation tool.
  • National Qi Gong Association. A networking, teaching and research group for Qi Gong.
  • North American Tang Shou Tao. Promotes preservation, research, and dissemination of the traditional Chinese martial and medical arts (especially Chinese internal martial arts.)
  • Fong's Wing Chun Gung Fu Association. A federation that stands "to promote and strengthen the art and spirit of Wing Chun Gung-Fu."
  • Black Belt Wiki. Online encyclopedia with information about various martial arts, katas, techniques etc.
  • Pocket Yoga. Simple encyclopedia for common Yoga Asanas with pictures and descriptions.
  • Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. Featuring adult, child and teen classes.
  • Laws dot Com. Information about laws with a search feature.