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Clinic fees are established by clinic management with the intent of providing health care treatments at fair and reasonable rates. They are as follows:

Acupuncture/TuiNa New Patient Intake Appointment:  $40.00

Acupuncture/TuiNa Re-evaluation Appointment             $40.00
(if not seen for six (6) or more months):

Follow-Up Acupuncture/TuiNa Appointment:                  $35.00

Herbal New Patient Consultation:                                    $30.00

Herbal Follow-Up Consultation:                                       $25.00

Package of four (4) Follow-Up Appointments:                 $120.00 (saving $20)

Package of eight (8) Follow-Up Appointments:                $200.00 (saving $56)

Package of twelve (12) Follow-Up Appointments:           $276.00 (saving $96)

Package of eight (8) Follow-Up Appointments,                $176.00 (saving $80)
two (2) per week:

Package of twelve (12) Follow-Up Appointments,            $240.00 (saving $144)
three (3) per week:

We offer a discount on follow-up appointments to students; senior citizens, age 60 and over (with valid identification); and low income eligible individuals with a completed application. Occasionally, there are opportunities for free treatments in Clinical Classes. If you would like additional information, please contact the Clinic Director.

Our cancellation policy requires 24 hour notice, otherwise a fee of $25.00 is applied to your account.

We accept Discover, MasterCard, and VISA; though our preference (so as to avoid credit card fees) is cash or checks.

Preceptorship Classes offers free consultation and acupuncture treatments by a licensed traditional Chinese medical practitioner in a classroom setting so as to introduce incoming students to clinical processes.  Cost of herbal formulas is not included in the free consultation and/or treatment.

_______________________________ ___________ ___________ ____________
Monday:        (PRECEPTOR) _ 1-5pm _
Tuesday:       (Acupuncture) _ 1-5pm 5:30-9:30pm
Wednesday:  (Acupuncture) _ 1-5pm _
Thursday:      (Acupuncture) _ 1-5pm _
Thursday       (Tuina – PM) _ 1-5pm Tuina 5:30-9:30pm
Friday:           (Acupuncture) _ 1-5pm _
Saturday:       (Acupuncture) _ 1-5pm _
Sunday:         (CLOSED) _ _ _


Plan up to two hours on your initial consultation. 

We want to thank you and show our appreciation of you for referring new patients to our clinic. After three (3) referrals, you will be offered a FREE FOLLOW-UP TREATMENT! to our clinic.  Please ask the Clinic Office Manager or your practitioner for additional details.

Click here for additional information on our clinic, traditional acupuncture and Chinese herbs.


Comments are welcome. Please, let our Clinic Coordinator know what your experience was like, or if there are any questions about ASAOM’s Clinic pricing or services.

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