Leave of Absence Form

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Leave of Absence Policy

If the situation occurs wherein a student must take a leave from their studies, a student may apply for a formal leave of absence by submitting a leave of absence form to the registrar. These forms are available from the registrar. It is required that the student meet with a financial aid adviser and an academic advisor prior to submitting this form in order to anticipate how the leave will impact their financial aid and the remainder of their coursework.

A leave of absence may be taken for a maximum of one year from the last date of attendance. If a student does not register for courses within one year, the student must reapply to the program and will be subject to the readmissions policy. At the time of reapplication, the student is subject to admissions and graduation requirements as outlined in the catalog in use at that time, regardless of whether those requirements have changed.


Withdrawal from the program

There are two types of withdrawals – voluntary and administrative. A student may voluntarily withdraw from the program by submitting a completed withdrawal form to the registrar. Students who fail to maintain continuous enrollment without filing for a leave of absence (see Student Manual for details) will be administratively withdrawn. Failure to regularly attend classes may result in a failing grade and may result in withdrawal from the program by default. Withdrawal status can impact both financial aid eligibility and/or repayment requirements. Any student in withdrawn status, whether voluntary or not, must complete the formal application process to re-enter the academic program, except when the student withdraws due to a call for military service. Students who withdraw and then re-enter the program must meet all requirements for admission that are in place at the time of the re-entry.

For students who withdraw from the program, and are not receiving financial aid, refunds will be based on the date the withdrawal form is processed in the registrar’s office or on the date of the last class attended, in the event of default withdrawals. Refunds will not include the initial application fee. If the student is on a payment plan, the student will be held responsible for money owed at the time of withdrawal. The balance of any in-house student loan immediately becomes due and payable if a student leaves school before graduation.

For students who are not receiving federal financial aid, the following refund schedule applies:     

A 2-year payment plan may be established at current interest rates at disenrollment. Failure to pay 2 times in the period may result in the account being turned over to a collection agency.

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