Where there is no movement, there is pain. Where there is movement, there is no pain.

- Traditional Chinese Saying


Certificate in Asian Bodywork Therapy/Tuina (A.B.T. Certificate)

The Certificate in Asian Bodywork Therapy/Tuina is a clinically-oriented program in Chinese structural hand therapy under the tradition of the North American Tang Shou Tao Association.

Our nationally recognized and accredited ABT certificate may be pursued as a stand-alone program (not eligible for FA as a stand-alone pursuit), and it is integrated into the M.Ac program and the M.Ac.OM program.

The Asian Bodywork Therapy/Tuina courses are an integral part of the degree programs at ASAOM. Masters degree seeking students automatically qualify for the ABT/ Tuina as it integrates into their acupuncture and herbal training.

Our lead tuina instructors is a journeymen tuina practitioner learning his craft as an amanuensis of Dr. Vincent Black.

Those desiring to be competent practitioners of tuina without taking the full acupuncture program are welcome to enroll only for the ABT/Tuina Certificate. These individuals must meet admissions requirements for the Master’s degree. In the event of a later decision to complete a degree, ABT/Tuina courses are fully credited and integrated.

ABT/Tuina Certificate graduates are eligible for:

Program hours required over 2 calendar years: 998.

  • These including anatomy and physiology requirements. 

Contact ASAOM’s Admissions Director for details of the ABT/Tuina program.

Tuina incorporating topical formulas, performed in a clinical setting


推拿 - tuīná - prounouced ‘tway’ ‘nah’, predates acupuncture as a Chinese Medicinal Therapy (CMT). Tui means to push, na means to grasp. Tuina practitioners utilize an ancient technique, with modern application to open a body’s channels and release stagnant Qi.