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We are developing a Professional Doctorate (PD) program.


Spearheaded by Alex Holland .

The Arizona School is in the process of developing a clinical doctorate program that will build upon our accredited master’s programs and further train acupuncture and Oriental medicine professionals to practice as independent health care providers in a variety of settings. The professional doctoral program provides an advanced education in core didactic and core clinical areas, with an emphasis on: clinical assessment, diagnosis, and intervention; engagement in collaborative interactions involving AOM practitioners and other health care practitioners; critical thinking and creative knowledge synthesis; and the use of research findings and the scientific and scholarly literature to support AOM professional practice.

The professional doctoral program requires at least three (3) academic years of accredited post-secondary education, or its equivalent to fulfill admissions eligibility requirements. The program is designed to be completed in four (4) academic years of professional study. Our PD program will meet or exceed all existing ACAOM standards and criteria required for master’s level acupuncture or Oriental medicine programs, in addition to meeting the defined ACAOM professional doctoral standards, criteria, and professional competencies.

Get to the point of healing.

Get to the point of healing.

To Name a Few
There are so many treatment potentialities in and on the body, so many places and spaces to access healing. In ASAOM’s Professional Doctorate program, you will be encouraged to foster unique confidence in your ability to diagnose with a full medicine (Acupuncture, Herbs, and Tuina) and hone treatments and prescriptions to patients’ histories, lifestyles, and habits ... while maintaining the integrity of Chinese medicine … and nurturing the capacity and understanding to treat and diagnose from a collaborative viewpoint inclusive of other health care practitioners.