Our medicine,  our  world, is represented by a diverse body of integrative healers. We are: the seekers, the listeners, holding the balance - ushering the world to come forth and experience the tide of a body’s health.

Our medicine, our world, is represented by a diverse body of integrative healers. We are: the seekers, the listeners, holding the balance - ushering the world to come forth and experience the tide of a body’s health.


Chinese Medicine

and the possibilities of your career ...


The person who says it cannot be done

should not interrupt the person doing it.

-Chinese Proverb


Ultimately, your story is up to you ...

but If you are thinking of placing part of it into our hands, you should be entitled to some numbers, and maybe a better understanding of ...


Where you might find yourself: admin, private practice, research, at the WHO, publishing books, pursuing your doctorate. The sky is the limit. Too often, when we begin to pursue new paths, and new careers, when we want to follow what we feel called to do, we are anchored in stereotypes.

For a degree in Chinese Medicine, that stereotype would be: since you have studied Chinese Medicine, you will have to become an acupuncturist. To begin - acupuncture is, by far, not all there is to Chinese Medicine, but even if acupuncture is one’s forte, it can provide a very steady, meaningful income and lifestyle, and it can provide a wealthy lifestyle - depending on one’s intention and approach. There is information to be had on the internet about this. In most circles, the amount of money an acupuncturist might make in their practice correlates directly with the types of patients they pursue, and the ability of the acupuncturist to appeal and hone a solid practice.

A recent emergence for the practitioner, also benefitting TCM as a whole body, is the gradual acceptance of acupuncture by Insurance Providers.

Keep in mind that the life we have imagined, and the work we have imagined ourselves to do is always subject to growth, expansion, and the energy that fills our decisions.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
— Joseph Campbell

Outside of acupuncture, there is an immense amount of work to be done in Chinese Medicine through research and education within the Global response to Integrative Medicine.

Studying Chinese Medicine opens the doors to a plethora of opportunities. It is the student’s job to keep their mind, ears, and eyes open to the dance of life before them.



Average GPA in ASAOM’s M.Ac.OM program

30 B

Holistic Medicine has become a 30 billion dollar industry (Annually) in the US, Driving the need for government support and attention



Possible year for Acupuncture to be recognized by insurance, Federally


The average hourly wage of an acupuncturist in the Unites States, according to sokanu


Over 50% female students!

Last we checked, the 82nd most afforadable city to live in the United States out of 93 comparisons (according to Expatistan), forever-blue skies surrounded by five mountain ranges and the blooming beauty of the arid, Sonoran desert, sunrises and sunsets orchestrated by the greatest artist … Nature.

Expatistan - if you’re curious


Average salaries are on the rise.

That's how we like it. 


The growth of average salaries is both good for people choosing to pursue degrees within the profession of Chinese Medicinal Therapies (CMT), and good for the progression of the profession itself. A growth in the income potential of a CMT practitioner denotes progress within the industry, respect within the industry, and serves to draw more interest into the topics and methods of CMT techniques.

Several aspects will factor into the ability to generate income as a Chinese Medical Therapy practitioner. There is the obvious: patient base and the gradual acceptance of TCM by insurance providers. But also, we advocate:

  • Herbal Knowledge

  • Ability to Tailor Prescriptions

  • Familiarity With The Full Medicine

  • Ability to Diagnose and Link Treatments

  • Proficiency With Asian Body Therapy Techniques

The greater a student’s exposure to knowledge, the greater their opportunity to serve as a healer; as a student becomes a master, they will provide more for their patients, and their patients will ask more of them - such is the life of the healer.

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
— Laozi

ON average there are over 280 sunny days, per year, in Tucson


So what does it look like pursuing your Degree with ASAOM? 

Come get a little sunshine.

Come get a little sunshine.

Welcome to the challenge

Honestly, in the first year you might feel a little lost. If you have ever had an experience with Chinese Medicine, or if you have done some reading on your own, liken it to striking a match.

This is you grabbing the sun.

A student’s first year of study will be mostly didactic. A full load will be carried every quarter. Venturing through the Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Channels and Points, Preceptorship (working on actual patients with an instructor), Clean Needle Technique, Anatomy and Physiology, Diagnostic Skills, Clinic Skills, Nutrition, Digestion, Zang Fu Pathology, Herbology, Tuina, Taiji, Qigong, and into Chinese Medical Language.

By year two, student’s will have been through their first, heavy practical exam clearing them (with a required hourly total) from their preceptorship obligation. They will be handling further didactics, and carrying three clinic shifts in our clinic, working with licensed acupuncturists with no fewer than five years of hands on experience. After the first quarter of this year, students will be evaluated for competency in the clinic and if passed, be allowed to begin scheduling patients and treating as an intern.

Yeah. It’s fast. It’s demanding. It might feel like wave after wave. It is a physical challenge, a mental challenge, and a heart challenge.

Working into the third year students are learning to apply the full modality of Chinese Medicine. Under our watch, the full modality is absolutely what they should learn. Chinese Medicine does not stand on just one modality. The modality of Chinese Medicine is a unified whole, it is the combination of acupuncture, tuina, and herbs, and we encourage our students to utilize all three in their practice.

Some background on that: If a patient comes to try acupuncture, has two acupuncture appointments, and decides acupuncture does not work because nothing happened for them, the patient has only experienced a single piece of the medicine and has not engaged the full complimentary approach of herbs, and bodywork to address their discomfort. In affect, the patient has tried acupuncture, not Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is, often times, not the answer on its own.

But you know this if you are at our school. You know this and you practice it. By the third year, you preach it. Chinese Medicine is not piece-meal. It is as holistic in its three parts, as the balance that lies at its core.

Learning the ‘modality’ of Chinese Medicine is an achievement you win for yourself. It is an achievement you earn for medicine as a whole.

Graduating from ASAOM, you will be: a step toward health for all who seek you, a knowledge bearer for balance and the preventative potential of medicinal therapies … a healer from the inside out.


We want your passion and your dedication … because that’s where we come from, and that’s what we’re offering you.