Self Chi Nei Tsang (4 CEUs)

Self Chi Nei Tsang In this Self Chi Nei Tsang Class, the participant will cultivate a healthy, loving relationship to their belly, an especially relevant place where one’s intuition comes from and undigested emotional charges are stored. DURING THIS 4-HOUR CLASS YOU WILL: Receive an introduction to the Taoist healing modality of Chi Nei Tsang […]

Greetings ASAOM Students & Faculty

 Greetings ASAOM Students & Faculty! Greetings ASAOM Students & Faculty. There have been a couple things that have occurred recently at ASAOM that we wanted to share with you. We recently signed a Cooperation Agreement between Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ASAOM . The Agreement establishes […]

Enroll now for FALL CLASSES 2016

Enroll now for FALL CLASSES 2016 Why Choose ASAOM? Enroll now for Fall classes starting in 2016; There are many accredited and candidate schools of Chinese medicine in North America. All have a common core curriculum, each is in some respects unique, and all are worthy of serious consideration. As you think about choosing our school as a […]

Acupuncture School Programs

Acupuncture School Programs – ASAOM We offer two Master degrees and a certificate: the Master’s Degree in Acupuncture (M.Ac.) the Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (M.Ac.O.M.) the Certificate in Asian Bodywork Therapy / Tuina (Cert. A.B.T./Tuina) For our graduating students, we also offer: the China Program The Master’s in Acupuncture Program (M.Ac.) The Master’s Degree in Acupuncture Program provides the foundational […]


ASAOM is growing and we are actively seeking qualified part-time Faculty and Clinic Supervisors. We are located in sunny Tucson, Arizona, within view of the beautiful Catalina Mountains.

Tuina Clinic Call ASAOM for appointment today

Tuina Clinic   Tuina or tui na[1] (Chinese: 推拏or 推拿; pinyin: tuī ná), is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cupping, Chinese herbalism, t’ai chi, and qigong. It is a hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese taoist and martial art principles in an attempt to bring into […]