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There are now over 60 ACAOM-accredited and candidate schools of Chinese medicine in North America. All have a common core curriculum, each is in some respects unique, and all are worthy of serious consideration.
Why would You choose ASAOM?

As you think about choosing our school as a setting to become a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I invite you to reflect on the values embodied in what we offer you:

  • A full medicine
  • Day and evening classes
  • A distinctive competence in Tuina
  • Personal Qi development
  • Using the I Ching and Tao te Ching as the core of our medicine and a way of living an harmonious life
  • Western clinical modalities that complement and enhance our practice
  • Extensive supervised clinical experience
  • A tradition of success on the national acupuncture boards
  1. Here you learn to practice a full medicine—traditional Chinese thinking and diagnosis along with skills in acupuncture, herbs, and Asian bodywork therapy—the three departments in a traditional Chinese hospital. We teach a full medicine so that when you are in practice you can respond competently and with confidence to whatever concerns people bring in your clinic door.
  2. Here you develop a distinctive competence in Tuina, the Chinese medical massage/hand therapy that has features of American physical therapy, chiropractic and osteopathy. Two years of tuina training, with supervised clinic, give you the skill, experience, and confidence you need to practice Tuina professionally. Most patients come to a Chinese medicine practitioner because they are in pain. Needles and herbs can almost always help, but they may take a while. Sometimes the best way is to use your hands. Patients appreciate the hands on work. It is one reason they keep coming back.
  3. Here you clear and strengthen your Qi by means of Qigong and T’ai chi practice every day. This training is an essential component in your becoming a competent practitioner. It continues throughout the program, laying a foundation for a lifetime of growth and refinement.
  4. Here you learn to use I Ching: The Oracle of The Cosmic Way to understand the nature of reality, find the source of human disharmonies in the psyche, and disentangle the language of the ego to enable balance and health.
  5. Here you learn and practice Western clinical skills that complement and support Chinese medicine. Homeopathy, mind-body medicine and cranio-sacral therapy are part of the clinical armamentarium of our interns and graduates.
  6. Here your clinical experience is extensive—over a thousand hours of preceptorship, clinical observation and one-on-one supervision from practitioners of varied backgrounds and persuasions. We believe there is no substitute for supervised clinical experience in preparation for competent and confident clinical practice.
  7. Here you join a stream of students and graduates that each year accomplish a high pass rate on the NCCAOM acupuncture examinations.


“ASAOM assisted me in attaining a dream. I was challenged in all aspects of my being – it was truly a wonderful growing experience. The knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of the instructors provided me with a foundation and support system that i may not have ha the opportunity to experience in a larger school. ASAOM is not only an educational facility, it is a vision.”

– ASAOM Graduate


“Our instructors are so inspiring, generously sharing their pearls of wisdom, as well as their joy of the profession. I learned much that is both practical and philosophical”.

– ASAOM Student


Tim Dunn, M.Ac.O.M., Admissions Director

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