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If you are looking to APPLY to ASAOM, please click the Student Services - Admissions tab or grab your application from the link below.

Some admissions info and quick numbers:

ASAOM enrolls a ‘full’, standard enrollment each Fall quarter but sometimes keeps a Western Science Enrollment period open during the Spring (April) quarter. For the Spring enrollment, students work on fulfilling many of their Western Science requirements, before joining their student cohort in the Fall for full-time enrollment and studies of the Eastern traditions.


To Request a copy of our school catalogue, please send a request to admissions@asaom.edu.

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Need your transcript?

You may need this for many reasons: applying for a doctorate, planning to sit your boards, re-certification, employer background check …

And for most reasons, you will likely want an official copy. This form must be downloaded, filled out, and delivered to the office of the Registrar.

When a student graduates from ASAOM, a copy of their full, official transcripts are sent to the AZ State Board, and to NCCAOM. Any additional official transcript copies needed are provided at $10.00/per.

Unofficial transcripts are free of charge but will not be valid for most ‘requirement-based’ circumstances.

Add/Drop a class

If you are currently a student at ASAOM and you need to Add or Drop a class, please fill out this form and deliver it to the office of the Registrar.

Program Declaration Form

If you did not declare a program of pursuit (i.e. M.Ac, or M.Ac.OM) when you began at ASAOM, this form should be downloaded, filled out, and delivered to the office of the Registrar at or by the end of your first year of study.

FERPA Release Form

If, for any reason, you would like to release your private educational records into the custody of a proxy (in any form), third party, family, friend, or loved one, (anyone or anything) this document must be filled out and delivered to the school.