Just like you, we’re growing and learning.

It’s not difficult to have an idea, but it takes time, dedication, and patience to bring an idea to fruition.

At ASAOM, we seek excellence in educational opportunities for our students. To this end, we work toward ongoing developments within our programs. A body without movement will harvest stagnant Qi. We move, and we balance, and we keep moving - listening as we work, for the energy that guides us.

Benefits in our current developments

  • Study Abroad - Opportunity for students to study, participate in, and observe Chinese medicine in China

  • PD - The opportunity for incoming students with 3 years or more of accredited university studies, to enter ASAOM under the Professional Doctorate program and finish in four to four an one-half years with a PD in Chinese Medicine.

    *See Disclaimer


Study Abroad

Anticipated implementation: Summer 2019

Update: Inaugural trip will be Summer 2019

Chinese medicine is an entire modality, of itself. In the West, we often separate Chinese Medicine into three distinct modalities: acupuncture, tuina, and herbs. In China, the medicine is the sum of its parts, and as a full-therapy will many times include an element of each Chinese Medicinal Therapy (CMT).

At ASAOM we are hard at work in developing a study abroad program that will provide students two opportunities to do an entire quarter (8 to 12 weeks) of study with one of our sister schools, in Chang Chun. The opportunities should surface once in the second year of study, and once in the third year of study, allowing students to travel to China twice within the scope of their designated Masters program.

This application will not be mandatory for students, but elective.


  • GPA at 3.5 or above

  • Be a full-time enrolled student at ASAOM

  • Have completed ASAOM’s Chinese Medical Language course and participated in additional language practice as offered by ASAOM

  • Be enrolled in the second year of studies toward a Master’s degree program, and approved in the clinic as an intern

Professional Doctorate

Status: Not Offered

This notice will change when our program is granted authority to begin accepting applicants.

*Please bear in mind there is no guarantee for this program’s implementation. It is in developmental stages, after which it will be subject to an evaluation period by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM). Students should not apply to ASAOM with intention of attaining this degree, or with the expectation this degree will be offered, or will become accredited. If implemented, accepted Graduates of this program will not be considered to be graduated from an ACAOM accredited or pre-accredited program and may not anticipate ACAOM accreditation or pre-accreditation in regards to professional licensure or other ambitions. ASAOM will be seeking pre-accreditation/accreditation for this program. However, ASAOM can make no guarantee that pre-accreditation/accreditation will be granted by ACAOM.

Anticipated implementation: Fall 2020

Students enrolling in the Professional Doctorate (PD) program will have the opportunity to achieve their PD within the span of 4 years. ASAOM has a demanding accredited Masters curriculum. This course of study would take our curriculum and stretch it across 4 years of applied study. Students would be asked to focus in a specific area of Chinese medicine, go more in-depth with herbal aspects of the medicine, and fulfill elements of research.

PD as defined by ACAOM:

Professional Doctoral Program (previously referred to as the First Professional Doctorate program)

A clinical doctorate program that trains acupuncture and Oriental medicine professionals who are able to practice as independent health care providers in a variety of settings. The professional doctoral program provides an advanced education in core didactic and core clinical areas, with an emphasis on: clinical assessment, diagnosis, and intervention; engagement in collaborative interactions involving AOM practitioners and other health care practitioners; critical thinking and creative knowledge synthesis; and the use of research findings and the scientific and scholarly literature to support AOM professional practice. The professional doctoral program requires at least three (3) academic years of accredited postsecondary education, or its equivalent prior to entrance, and additionally at least four (4) academic years of professional study, for a total of at least seven (7) academic years of study. The program meets or exceeds all existing ACAOM standards and criteria required for master’s level acupuncture or Oriental medicine programs, in addition to meeting the defined ACAOM professional doctoral standards, criteria, and professional competencies.

ASAOM (Our) Qualifications

  • 3 years or more of accredited undergraduate study

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater

  • A proven discipline for applied studies

  • A desire to understand the practice of Chinese medicine

  • All other guidelines pursuant with our office of Admissions