Populi. Portal to ASAOM student website.

Quizlet. A create-your-own flashcards study tool.

Flashcard Machine. Another flashcard creation tool.

Clean Needle. Test administered by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM).

ACAOM. The organization that oversees accreditation of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine schools.

TCM Tests. A popular paid service that helps students study for boards. Some free questions and occasional discounts offered.

NCCAOM Exam Preparation. The official website for the National Board Exam; this page includes study guides for each of the boards along with a bibliography of recommended reading.

Easybib. Create your works cited page for papers. It's easy!

Wikipedia. Vast online encyclopedia. User-edited and free to use.

Wolframalpha. A powerful online calculator. Give it a math problem or ask it a question.


DOAJ. The Directory of Open Access Journals. A large collection of freely available peer-reviewed journals.

CORE. A search engine for millions of open-access research papers.

PubMed. A public database with over 28 million citations for biomedical literature.

Springer Open. A large number of open-access journals covering many topics.

Google Scholar. Like the regular Google search engine, but for peer-reviewed articles.

Free Medical Journals. A collection "promoting free access to medical journals."

Science Open. Search over 42 million articles using this tool (many open-access.)

Science Direct. Large collection of peer-reviewed science and engineering articles.

Doctorlib. A large collection of medical texts, from various traditions.


AMAAZ. An Arizona association for acupuncturists that protects and promotes the profession.

Massage Magazine. Articles from the popular magazine about massage.

Project Gutenberg. Contains digital versions of many books with expired copyright.

Archive dot org. Contains millions of free books, music, software and other things.

ReadSpeeder. Free online course for speed reading.

Taoist I-Ching. This website explores many different aspects of the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching.

Chinese Text Project. Contains the Chinese Language version of many ancient texts, including medical texts, and includes a character-by-character translation tool.

Han Trainer Pro. An online English to Chinese dictionary that shows different meanings of the characters.

National Qi Gong Association. A networking, teaching and research group for Qi Gong.

North American Tang Shou Tao. Promotes preservation, research, and dissemination of the traditional Chinese martial and medical arts (especially Chinese internal martial arts.)

Fong's Wing Chun Gung Fu Association. A federation that stands "to promote and strengthen the art and spirit of Wing Chun Gung-Fu."

Black Belt Wiki. Online encyclopedia with information about various martial arts, katas, techniques etc.

Pocket Yoga. Simple encyclopedia for common Yoga Asanas with pictures and descriptions.

Sacred Texts. An internet archive of religious, mystical and esoteric texts from many traditions.

Futurism. An online news resource for science articles, especially related to the technologies of the future.

Laws dot Com. Information about laws with a search feature.


Welcome to ASAOM's library resource page! This page contains links to TCM, acupuncture and other types of websites. Many of these pages offer free content, making them useful for research and classes. For further inquiries and suggestions, please speak with the library staff during regular office hours.


  • Dr. Amit Ray explains the human energy system as comprised of 72,000 nadis and 114 chakras. See his article explaining this school of thought here.
  • "Researchers Successfully Eliminate HIV in Mice With the Help of CRISPR" According to an article on AJMC.com .
  • In an interview with the Academy of Classical Chinese Medicine, Jeffrey Yuen talks about Shamanism as a healing approach in the early roots of Taoism and Chinese Medicine.
  • The formula Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang demonstrates the ability to treat symptoms of IBS in a recent study. This formula is a modification of Liu Jun Zi Tang that adds Sha Ren and Mu Xiang.
  • In an experiment with mice, deleting one gene, lead to the prevention of pancreatic cancer, showing potential for new cancer treatment and prevention in humans.


Acupuncture Dot Com. Resources for students and the general public. Includes an acupoint finder.

Acupuncture Today. This popular acupuncture newspaper is available online.

Sacred Lotus. Lots of information about acupuncture as well as Chinese medicine and herbs.

Cat's TCM Notes. A student (now a licensed practitioner) of TCM took detailed notes and put them online for public use.

Journal of Pharmacopuncture. A database of scientific studies concerning both traditional and modern medicine.

Yin Yang House. A variety of basic information about TCM, Acupuncture and Herbs. Also includes a blog.

Classical Chinese Medicine. A collection of CCM articles.

Point-to-Point-Acupuncture. The resources page on this website shares a number of personal notebooks, many of them studies on Jeffrey Yuen's material.


Herb Med. An interactive electronic database.

American Dragon. An encyclopedia of Chinese herbs as well as other TCM topics.

Herbalgram. Herbal news and articles (some free and some members-only.)

Sacred Lotus. Lots of information about acupuncture as well as Chinese medicine and herbs.

Institute for Traditional Medicine. Various articles on different traditional medicine systems (Including Chinese Medicine.)

SWSBM - Home Page (With Herbal Texts) . The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine's website contains many free texts, including many older source materials for western herbalism.

Cat's TCM Notes. A student (now a licensed practitioner) of TCM took detailed notes and put them online for public use.

Yin Yang House. A variety of basic information about TCM, Acupuncture and Herbs. Also includes a blog


Web MD. Lots of basic information on medicine, plus blog articles.

The Merck Manual. Practitioner resource for medical topics, symptoms, drugs, procedures, news and more

Scientific American. A popular science magazine with many articles online.

Psychology Today. Articles related to mind and psychology from a Biomedicine perspective.

Lab Tests Online. An educational database for lab tests used in medicine.

Biomed Central. "A pioneer of open access publishing." Lots of academic journals on medicine.

FDA Website. Federal government's Food and Drug Administration.

NIH Clinical Trials. Government database on ongoing and completed clinical trials.

Radiology Masterclass - MRI Introduction. Information explaining how MRI images are taken and interpretted.

X-Ray Film Reading Made Easy. A doctor created this manual to help others understand how X-rays are read.

Drugs dot Com. Lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and more.

News Medical dot Net. Many easy to read articles on the latest from the biomedical world.